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Handmade Soaps

So much more than a soap....It's an aromatherapy experience!

Our hand-made soaps are filled with goodness of 100% pure essential oils, fresh herbs, fruits, flowers, vegetable oils and glycerin. These fragrant soaps are inviting to bathe with. It uplifts, nourishes, cleanses, moisturizes and leaves your skin looking youthful and renewed while maintaining your skin's pH balance.

All the soaps have a base of glycerin, vegetable oils, essential oils, castor oil, olive oil and additives of the variant.

Aloe Vera Turmeric & Honey

Skin brightening soap infused with honey to nourish dry skin

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Almond Milk & Saffron

Harmony's Almond Milk & Saffron Soap is ideal for all skin types

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Orange & Lemongrass

Start your day in the shower with this uplifting aromatic soap.

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Strawberry & Cream

Indulge!...with this bar of soap rich in nutrients and a delightful strawberry aroma.

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Chocolate & Honey

Treat !...and nourish your skin, keeping it smooth and supple.

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Sandalwood & Jasmine

Harmony's Sandal & Jasmine Soap is an absolute delight with its sensuous aroma & calming effects.

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Neem & Tulsi

A classsic! ...... Healing and soothing handmade soap with a fresh and lingering aroma.

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Lavender & Ylang Ylang

For all skin types. This irresistible luxury soap makes bathing memorable!

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Red wine & Rose

A Gentle handmade luxury soap for radiant smooth skin

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Rosemary & Eucalyptus

Harmony's deep cleansing soap that cleanses the pores, deodorizes and awakens your mind.

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